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What should be paid attention to in the process of using oil bath heater

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       We all know that the oil bath heater is the use of heat conduction oil for the medium heating, then in the use of the process need to pay attention to what, the following small series for you one one.

       First, before the heater is used, do a good job in preparation for inspection. Check the electrical performance of the fuel tank, whether there is power failure or leakage phenomenon.

       Second, adjust the temperature to pay attention to the first set value will be the best on-line setting temperature reaches the percent of 85 at. This is because the oil temperature in reaching a certain value, there will be a rise in the amount, all must notice in the temperature setting.

       Three, the indicator light shows the temperature control system, temperature rise in the state or state of constant temperature.

       Four, oil bath heater should be in the absence of corrosion without explosive gas occasions. To ensure the safety of oil bath heater

       Five, the venue should be spacious, flat to ground.

       Six, select the appropriate power lines and switches.

       Above is the site for you to provide knowledge about the oil bath heater, if you have the needs of this area can also contact us!



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