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Oil bath heater heat transfer effect how?

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       First of all, let's look at the working principle of the oil bath heater.

       1 "eddy thermal film for heat exchanger" along the radial of tank extends into the bottom of a tank, heat medium (steam) through the tube side, oil from the ned in shell side of tube flow, heater casing suction port directly communicated with the medium in the tank.

       2, the steam inlet of the heat exchanger is provided with a temperature control valve, and the temperature of the oil outlet is detected by a temperature sensing probe, which controls the inlet of the steam inlet of the heat exchanger, thereby ensuring the constant temperature of the oil.

       Heat exchanger with high efficiency heat exchange heating element, eddy heat membrane tube, keep the oil in the tube between the rational flow of, the thermal efficiency is common for heat exchanger of 3-5 times, the enhancement of heat transfer mechanism is: oil fluid in the flow of the inner and outer surface design into turbulent flow, strong shock and erosion, the flow direction of continuous change is tightly close to the pipe wall surface of the high temperature oil fluid replacement, insulation layer becomes thin that damage, faster metal surface heat transfer, fluid micro eddy current strengthen, oil of the fluid inside the heat enhanced dispersion.

       This method can guarantee the oil bath heater so close to the pipe wall surface of the fluid does not produce local overheating. Therefore, it can be used to make oil is sufficient and appropriate heating and no coking decomposition. The heat transfer is good and not a lot of resistance.



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